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Absolute CAP350R 3.5 Farad Red Power Car Capacitor for Energy Storage to Enhance Bass Demand From Audio System

Car Audio Capacitor is Used to Prevent Dimming of Dash Lights and Headlights When Playing Loud Bass Notes. They Work by Supplying the Car Amplifier with Rapid Jolts of Power. A Car Audio Power Cap Works by Storing Large Amounts of Electrical Power Which It Can Then Deliver to Power Hungry Components When Called Upon to Do So. They Have an Advantage Over Typical Lead Acid Storage Batteries Because They Have Very Low Internal Resistance. This Allows Them to Deliver Large Amounts of Power (Current) Very Quickly. Much Faster Than A Car's Charging System Can Deliver That Same Amount of Current. Car Audio Power Amplifiers Can Have Very Large Current Demands. This Is Dependent on The Music Being Played Through the Amplifier. Typically, These Currents Are Only Needed in Short Bursts During Transient Peaks (Bass Drum Note, Etc.). If the Amplifier Tries to Pull This Current from The Electrical System Directly It May Cause A Drop in Voltage Called A Sag. This Sag Is Equivalent to A Voltage Drop in The System and The Size of The Drop Depends on The Resistance of The Wire from The Source (Battery) to the Amplifier.


First, make sure that all the connections according to the diagrams in the instruction manual are correct. Pick up the cable coming from the POSITIVE (+) battery terminal. Place the supplied charging resistor between the end of this cable and the positive terminal of the capacitor. The capacitor will begin charging. Charging generally takes 5 to 60 seconds. During charging, the voltage shown in the 3 digit display will rise rapidly, then slow as it approaches the voltage of your vehicle’s battery. When fully charged, the display voltage will stop rising. If you have a voltmeter, you can first measure the voltage of your car battery. Then you will know with accuracy that the capacitor is fully charged. CAUTION!! During charging, the resistor will become hot. This is normal, but exercise caution during the charging process. After charging is complete, remove the resistor from the incoming positive cable, and IMMEDIATELY connect it to the positive terminal of the capacitor.

General Features:

  • 3.5 Farad Digital Capacitor With 3000 Watts
  • Runs On 10-16 Volts DC
  • Audible Warning Tone for Reverse Polarity, Voltage Overload, and Low Battery Voltage
  • Capacitance: 3,500,000,
  • Capacitance Tolerance: + / - 10%,
  • Voltage Measurement Accurate To + / - 0.1 VDC
  • Equivalent Series Resistance: 0.00195 Mw @ 120 Hz / 25°C
  • You May Also Hook Up as Many as You Like in Parallel to Make a Bank of Power
  • Stabilizing Amplifier Flow Capacity
  • High Strength Cylindrical Aluminum Housing
  • Soft Turn-On/Off Power Surge
  • Bright Charging Status L.E.D.
  • Digital Over-Voltage Protection System
  • Perfect for Systems Up to 3000W Max
  • Increases Level of Bass, And the Peak Power of Your Amp
  • Features Audible Warning Indicators
  • Runs On 10-16 Volts Dc
  • Equipped with Automatic Shutoff Protection
  • Accepts Any Gauge of Wire with Ring Terminals
  • 3.5 Farad Digital Power Capacitor
  • 24 Volts Surge Ultra-Low ESR (Super Low Internal Resistance )
  • 3 Digit Bright Red Digital Led Voltage Display
  • Audible Warning Tone for Reverse Polarity, Voltage Overload, And Low Battery Voltage
  • Capacitance: 3,500,000
  • Capacitance Tolerance: + / - 10%,
  • Voltage Measurement Accurate To + / - 0.1 VDC
  • Working Voltage: 10-16 VDC,
  • Automatic Shutoff Protection
  • Includes Clear Mounting Brackets
  • Includes the Resistor for Charging
  • Reduce or Stop the Dimming of Your Headlights
  • Accepts any gauge of wire with ring terminals
  • Width of Mounting Bracket Base: 5-1/2"
  • Dimensions: 11-3/4"H X 3-1/2"W X 3-1/2"D
  • 3 Year Warranty

Equivalent Series Resistance:

You May Also Hook Up as Many as You Like in Parallel to Make A Bank of Power.

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