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Absolute SON16-SY2X8 Sony 16 Pin Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Power Plug Back Clip

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Absolute SON16-SY2X8 Sony 16 Pin Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Power Plug Back Clip

General Features:

  • Interchange Metra SY2X8-0001
  • Mates directly with the Stereos
  • Permits Integration with Car Harness
  • 16-pin Connection for Wide-Ranging use.
  • Connects to your Vehicle's Existing Harness
  • Simple Installation of Your New Radio with this Harness
  • During Installation There is no Need for Cutting Wires
  • Connects the Car Stereo to the Aftermarket Stereo Harness
  • Color-Coded Wires for Easy Installation
  • Used as a Replacement to a Lost Sony Car Stereo Harness
  • Includes 16 Pin Power and Speaker Plug with Factory Tight Connections
  • Support for up to 4 Speakers that Delivers Powerful Audio While You're on the Road
  • ABS Plastic, Copper, Vinyl and Aluminum Materials Provides Durability
  • Plugs into Most Sony Stereo's Without Navigation

Connection’s guide:

  • Yellow – 12V Constant
  • Red – 12V Accessory
  • Black - Ground
  • Orange – Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination
  • Green – Lt Rear Speaker (+)
  • Green with Black Stripe Lt Rear Speaker (-)
  • White – Lt Front Speaker (+)
  • White with Black Stripe – Lt Front Speaker (-)
  • Purple – Rt Rear Speaker (+)
  • Purple with Black Stripe – Rt Rear Speaker (-)
  • Gray – Rt Front Speaker (+)
  • Gray with Black Stripe – Rt Front Speaker (-)

Compatible Radios:

Will Fit Following Stereo Models:

CDX-1200, CDX-1300, CDX-2180, CDX-3100, CDX-3600, CDX-3800, CDX-3900, CDX-4000, CDX-4000X, CDX-4005, CDX-4180, CDX-4480ESP, CDX-4483ESP, CDX-4800X, CDX-5000X, CDX-5070, CDX-5090, CDX-5100, CDX-5270, CDX-5290, CDX-5470, CDX-5490, CDX-C480, CDX-C490, CDX-C580, CDX-C590, CDX-C680, CDX-C880, CDX-C4750, CDX-C5000X, CDX-C5005, CDX-C5050X, CDX-C5055, CDX-C5750, CDX-C5850, CDX-C6600, CDX-C6750, CDX-C6800X, CDX-C6850, CDX-C7000X, CDX-C7050X, CDX-C7850, CDX-C8050X, CDX-CA400, CDX-CA530X, CDX-CA580X, CDX-CA600, CDX-CA600X, CDX-CA650, CDX-CA650X, CDX-CA660X, CDX-CA690X, CDX-CA700, CDX-CA700X, CDX-CA705M, CDX-CA710X, CDX-CA720X, CDX-CA730X, CDX-CA750, CDX-CA750X, CDX-CA760X, CDX-CA790X, CDX-CA810X, CDX-CA850X, CDX-CA860X, CDX-CA900, CDX-CA900X, CDX-F50M, CDX-F5000, CDX-F5005X, CDX-F5500, CDX-F5500X, CDX-F5505X, CDX-F5700, CDX-F5700X, CDX-F5710, CDX-F7000, CDX-F7005X, CDX-F7700, CDX-F7705X, CDX-FW500, CDX-FW570, CDX-FW700, CDX-GT71W, CDX-GT81UW, CDX-GT110, CDX-GT120, CDX-GT130, CDX-GT310, CDX-GT320, CDX-GT330, CDX-GT410U, CDX-GT420IP, CDX-GT420U, CDX-GT430IP, CDX-GT430U, CDX-GT500, CDX-GT510, CDX-GT520, CDX-GT530UI, CDX-GT610UI, CDX-GT620IP, CDX-GT620U, CDX-GT630UI, CDX-GT705DX, CDX-GT710, CDX-GT720, CDX-GT730UI, CDX-GT805DX, CDX-GT820IP, CDX-GT920U, CDX-GT930UI, CDX-HR70MS, CDX-HS70MW, CDX-H905IP, CDX-L250, CDX-L300, CDX-L350, CDX-L410X, CDX-L430X, CDX-L440B, CDX-L450X, CDX-L460X, CDX-L470X, CDX-L510X, CDX-L550X, CDX-L570X, CDX-L600X, CDX-L630X, CDX-M3DI, CDX-M10, CDX-M30, CDX-M50IP, CDX-M600, CDX-M600R, CDX-M610, CDX-M620, CDX-M630, CDX-M650, CDX-M670, CDX-M700R, CDX-M730, CDX-M750, CDX-M770, CDX-M800, CDX-M850MP, CDX-M8800, CDX-M8805X, CDX-MP30, CDX-MP40, CDX-MP70, CDX-MP80, CDX-MP450X, CDX-R30M, CDX-R505X, CDX-R3000, CDX-R3300, CDX-R3300S, CDX-RW300, CDX-S2000, CDX-S2000S, CDX-S2100, CDX-S3100, CDX-SW200, EXCD-51, EXCD-90, EXCD-206, MDX-C5960R, MDX-C5970, MDX-C5970R, MDX-C6500, MDX-C6500X, MDX-C7900, MDX-C7900R, MDX-C7970, MDX-C7970R, MDX-C8500R, MDX-C8500X, MDX-C8900, MDX-CA680, MDX-CA680X, MDX-F5800, MEX-1GP, MEX-1HD, MEX-5DI, MEX-BT2500, MEX-BT2600, MEX-BT2700, MEX-BT5000, MEX-BT5100, MEX-DV2000, MEX-HD, XAV-7W, XAV-W1, XR-130, XR-150, XR-340, XR-430, XR-1750, XR-1940, XR-3320, XR-4790, XR-4800, XR-4900, XR-4950X, XR-4954X, XR-C2300X, XR-C3000, XR-C4103, XR-C5090, XR-C5100, XR-C5300X, XR-C5305, XR-C5500, XR-C5600X, XR-C5604X, XR-C6090, XR-C6100, XR-C6100W, XR-C6103SP, XR-C7200, XR-C7220, XR-C7350X, XR-C7500R, XR-C7500RX, XR-C8220, XR-C9100, XR-CA350X, XR-CA400, XR-CA420, XR-CA420X, XR-CA430X, XR-CA440, XR-CA440X, XR-CA610X, XR-CA630X, XR-CA640X, XR-CA650X, XR-F1500, XR-F5100, XR-M500, XR-M500R, XR-M550, XR-SCA500, CDX-GS500R, CDX-GT270MP, CDX-GT470UM, CDX-GT570UP, CDX-GT575UP, CDX-GT660UP, CDX-GT710HD, MEX-BT31PW, MEX-BT3100P, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-GS600BT, MEX-GS610BT, MEX-GS810BH, MEX-N5000BT, MEX-N6000BH , WX-GT80UI, WX-GT90BT, XSP-N1BT....and More

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