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AT KIT025RB 0 Gauge 50' Red/Black Power/Ground Wire Amplifier Amp Kit

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American Terminal KIT025RB 0 Gauge 50 Feet (25ft Red & 25 Black) Amplifier Install Wiring 6000W Amp Kit

When it comes to complete installation wiring kits for your car, you will need the best affordable price that does not break the bank.  What makes a great wire? 

Cable Thickness

The thickness of the actual wire, not the insulation, is critical when transferring the extraordinary current of your audio system. With hundreds of strands of wire in one cable, you get an increased current flow and a higher amperage carrying capacity with a reduced cable size.

Insulation Material

Tech insulation prevents electric current from exiting the wire prematurely, preventing electrocution and damage to components within the vehicle. Additionally, the insulation maintains the flexibility of the wire while preventing corrosion and damage in a hostile vehicle environment.


The wire is hefty and strong but not overly shielded to increase its weight. A quality cable feels right with a perfect size-to-weight ratio that leaves it easy to handle but rugged enough to perform its duties.

Product Highlights:

Installing a car amplifier is already enough of a job without worrying about where to find the right wire and installation accessories. You might not know that some companies are playing gimmicks, and you could get ripped off!

As an installer, I can tell you that I have seen both great and terrible wire-in amp wiring kits. You do not want to end up frustrated or even have to cancel your installation because of a kit that lets you down.

This was created to provide quality components for most amplifier installations at a very affordable price. You get the same great oversized cable at a much lower price. 

This wire includes the "Value" components. A more affordable but high-quality HOT cable, fuse holder, and gold-plated brass connectors are included. All power & ground cables are made with more metal strands. 

Amp wire will provide you with years of trouble-free operation. The last thing you need is an insufficient power line for your new amplifier.

Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting, and mounting fuses. Fuse holders come in two basic types, open or fully enclosed. Open fuse holder types include fuse clips, blocks, sockets, and plug-on cap varieties. The fully enclosed variety may use a fuse carrier inserted into a holder or have other means to enclose the fuse fully.

This ANL fuse holder is constructed with very high-quality material with Gold Infuse.  It can take a 0-, 2-, or 4-gauge wire connection to give you the best safety for your car.  This is solid rectangular construction, and it is designed and engineered in the USA.  This gold series is for you if you need a high-quality Inline ANL Fuse Holder.

General Features: 

  • Max Power: 6000 Watts 
  • Full Complete 0 Gauge Amplifier Wire Installation Kit 
  • Super Durable Ultra Heat Resistant Wire Jacket 
  • Premium Twist-able Grade Interconnect Cables 
  • Red Power Wire: 0 Gauge 25 Feet CCA Heavy Duty Wire 
  • Black Ground Power Wire: 0 Gauge 25 Feet CCA High-Performance Wire 
  • Amp ANL Fuse
  • 0 Gauge Fuse Holder 
  • Enable easy fuse installation and replacement
  • Comprehensive line of fuse blocks
  • Impact Resistant Snap-on Plastic Cover 
  • ANL Fuse Holder with ABS Cover
  • Platinum-plated wiring terminals and accessories
  • Durable finish and conductivity
  • Easy Installation of multiple amplifier Combinations
  • They are used in most vehicles, RVs, marine applications, battery chargers, and DC sound systems.
  • It is made from durable materials
  • The design is so easy to installations
  • High-temperature-resistant material ensures it is durable through tough conditions.
  • Compatible with Home line electrical panel 
  • For residential/commercial use to protect entire branch circuits
  • Designed to protect against overloads and short-circuits
  • The wire is Set to International Wire Gauge Standards

This product can expose you to, known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to